Summerset Retirement Village in the Orchard

Construction on 6.2ha or bare land of 151 Villas & Townhouses. The village also include a Village Centre with bar, cafe library & many other facilities.

Stage 1
Started April 2008
We started construction with a green field of 6.2ha. This stage had our company construct 24 two and a half bedroom duplex villas. We also constructed the entrance way and road front fencing for the Retirement Village.
This stage was completed July 2009.

Stage 2
Started April 2010.
This second stage has 12 two bedroom duplex villa, 12 two bedroom townhouses and 5 1 bedroom villas.
Completed February 2011.

Village Centre - or the Village hub.
Started September 2011
Village Centre was part of Stage 3 where we also completed the civil work around the centre and units.
The Centre has one Respite room, five serviced apartments, salon, cafe, bar, commerical kitchen, gymnasium, library, bowling green, spa and offices.
Completed September 2012.

Stage 3 Villas
Started May 2011
This 3rd stage holds 8 two bedroom duplex villas, 8 two storey three bedroom townhouses, 5 one bedroom townhouses and 4 two bedroom townhouses.
Completed November 2011

Stage 4 Villas
Started June 2012
This stage held 16 two bedroom villas and 10 two bed townhouses.
Completed December 2012

Stage 5 - the final stage.
Started December 2012
Stage 5a consists of 7 two storey three bedroom townhouses and 2 two bedroom townhouses. 5a was completed June 2013
Stage 5b consists of 16 two bedroom townhouses. 5b completed September 2013
Stage 5c consists of 17 two bedroom townhouses and one Man Shed. This is due to be completed in December 2013.


Project Details

  • 1 Apr 2008
  • Commercial
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