About us

Established in 1992 and standing strong, we have grown to become the most trusted building contractor in Hawkes Bay and beyond. Our portfolio covers a wide range across all sectors, and we treat every project as the unique build each is.

Launched with a straight-forward idea in mind; we concentrate on building quality projects, on time and within budget.

Beginning in the private sector managing small alterations and new build homes, we grew from a one-man band swiftly to have well-equipped crews to complete high-end residential homes, multi-use commercial projects and government projects.

We now have over 60 staff and have seen the spread of projects throughout the east coast and central North Island. We invest in and support staff to the highest standard and back that up with current project management digital tools and health & safety software. This ensures “stress-free construction” (our company philosophy) for all involved - including the client, the project team, and our staff.

Our team of building specialists (including Licenced Building Practitioners) take a great deal of pride in their workmanship, with positive attitudes and excellent time management skills to achieve project outcomes.

We are also well-versed in Homestar requirements and engage in sustainable practices across all sites.

Family-owned and operated helps the company to remain in a position to be as flexible as possible when it comes to every individual project. We have garnered a reputation that is as strong as our buildings and are proud of our portfolio of works to date.

For many clients building can be a stressful process, from homeowners to business people constructing new premises, each type of project brings its challenges and potential stresses.

We are proud of our company mantra of “stress free construction” and strive daily to achieve that goal.

Doug Atkin, Managing Director
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