Our Values


As a team we work together, it’s as simple as that. This is fundamental for the company to work effectively. We continually strive to support one another in all aspects of each project. This includes the client, the architect and all trade relationships. We believe in clear, consistent communication and encourage an ‘open-door’ policy in the office as well as on site.


At the end of the day our goal is to serve a quality product to our clients. They are at the forefront of every decision and we endeavour to communicate as much as possible at every step of the process to be sure they get what they asked for. For every project we develop a quality management plan and ensure that this complies with the requirements of the contract documents. When engaging sub contractors we make sure this is not simply based on price and that at any price point or project value a certain level of quality finishing is required and adhered to.


Environmental Sustainability

We think carefully about the lasting effect of the construction process and our impact on the environment and understand that construction waste is a huge problem in society. We reuse where we can in the first instance, then recycle if possible. We are committed to doing our part in protecting our surroundings by working within the guidelines set out by R.E.B.R.I. We are also proud members of the NZGBC and see this as an effective way to keep up to date with New Zealand’s green building ethics.


We believe in supporting those around us and play an active role in our community. We are proud to support local junior sports teams as well Hawkes Bay rugby, and we help where we can when it comes to local community projects. More recently we are gung-ho into building homes for Housing NZ. We are enthusiastic and proud of being part of the Governments’ journey that is building warm, dry homes for the New Zealand community.

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